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Updated: Jul 8, 2022

Random posts on the latest in Pop Culture

Welcome to our blog post. From time to time we post ideas here. Have an idea you want us to evaluate? Email us at

“Become a Business, man”


Hey welcome to our website and now our blog posts.

This will, hopefully, become a weekly effort created out of love from two friends who enjoy discussing everything around pop culture and the business of creating. We started this podcast 18 months ago at the end of 2020 and now 75 podcasts in, we are still going strong. So who are we?

Well, like a wise man once said, "allow me to reintroduce myself" (we quote a lot of Jay-Z around here)

Mr Benja (Ben Johnson) and Theo Da Movie Producer (Theo Harvey) have been friends for over 20 years. Theo grew up in California and Mr Benja grew up in Florida where they met in college, became friends and roommates. After college, life sent us on different paths but we still found time to connect over the years. Mr Benja is a lifelong creator, artist and entrepreneur. Theo has worked at several Fortune 500 companies and now runs a startup. But the love of talking about the latest new movie, comic book, TV show or idea never left us over the years. It was really during the pandemic and our EPIC hours long calls, that made us both realize that perhaps we can create a podcast and share our thoughts.

Hence, Show Vs Business was created.

Due to the streaming wars, we have seen an explosion of shows and movies centered around comic book ideas and characters resulting in the general population is slowly coming up to speed. Over the past year alone over 559 TV shows were created, which is up from 200 in 2013. This is showing no signs of slowing down due to the increased number of streaming services (last count 13).

Curtesy of the Entertainment Strategy Guy at The Ankler

In the Pod, we strive to provide prospective generated from our 5 decades of combined knowledge of this industry as both a creative insider and a business executive. We give our reviews of shows and a business primer on what to expect next. Also we give our unique perspective on how this relates to what we have seen in the past. We will breakdown business concepts on branding, strategy, market positioning, and economics, while trying to figure out if the new Obi Wan show sucked or if the Moon Knight show connects at all to the MCU.

So yeah, we have fun also

Ultimately, we hope this helps other creative entrepreneurs like artists, writers, and cosplayers understand how your artistry will win the market so you can actually make a living for what you would do for free.

Become not just a businessman but a Business, man

Thanks for reading



Show vs. Business 

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